iPhone Photo Transfer App

iPhone Photo Transfer is the best wireless sync tool to transfer photos & videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer; transfer photos & videos between one iOS device and another wirelessly, safely and conveniently. Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5,iPod touch (3rd/4rd/5th generation), and iPad.

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iPhone Photo Transfer App

Main Features

  • iPhone Photo Transfer

    iPhone Photo Transfer makes full use of Wi-Fi network to transfer photos and videos between iPhone and other devices, such as iPhone to Mac, iPhone to Windows PC, iPhone to iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod) and verse vice. This app facilitates the file transferring process by replacing USB cables and iTunes with your Wi-Fi connection. To move your iPhone photos with the transfer app, what you need is only your Wi-Fi connection. Your files are to be synced within your local network, you do not need internet connection at all.

  • iPhone to Computer Transfer

    iPhone Photo Transfer can share photos between iOS devices and computers (Mac Windows). There are two methods to transfer files between them. You can use your computer browser or the transfer companion app on the computer side.

    Almost all web browsers are compatible with it, such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

    Both the Mac and Windows trransfer companion versions are free of charge, Photos Transfer for Mac and Photos Transfer for Windows. They are in conjunction with the iPhone Photo Transfer app so that photos and videos can be transferred more efficiently.

  • iPhone to Another iOS Device Transfer

    Except transferring files from / to computers, iPhone Photo Transfer can also transfer photos and videos between iOS devices, such iPhone to iPad, iPhone to iPod, iPad to iPod, iPhone to iPhone, etc. The Photo Transfer app needs to be installed on both of the sending and receiving devices. They work side by side to move around your photos and videos among different iOS devices.

    Wireless Transfer

  • There is no need of any USB cables, it is the best wireless transfer app for iPhone users. It is very convenient to share files with other iOS devices or users.

  • Wi-Fi Transfer

  • To use this app, you need to have Wi-Fi network. So it also can be called a Wi-Fi Transfer app. The devices involving in the photo transferring have to be connected to the same Wireless network, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or Windows PC.

  • Hotspot Transfer

  • If there is no Wi-Fi network, this transfer app can work as well. You can connect your iOS devices by setting up Hotspot on iPhone, then join the wireless network created from other iOS device. After the two devices are connected to the same local wireless network created by the Hotspot, iPhone Photo Transfer can come on stage.

    Photo Transfer

  • It is compatible with many different image types, such as the most common image formats JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and other formats like TIF, TIFF, CR2, NEF, ARW, RAF, SRW, etc. You can transfer them as raw files or compressed ones. You can choose to download photos one by one, or batch download multiple photos.

  • Video Transfer

  • The iPhone Photo Transfer cannot only transfer photos, but also videos. The iOS compatible videos formats can be transferred wirelessly with this transfer app, including MOV, MP4 and M4V.
    If you want to transfer those videos recorded on a newer iOS device to an old device, the transfer app will convert them in the air before sending. This can resolve the incompatibility issue between different iOS devices.

  • Android Photo Transfer

  • The Android Photo Transfer App works with iPhone Photo Transfer App side by side to exchange photos between iPhone and Android phones over Wi-Fi network.